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Kyle Lewis Real Estate - Los Angeles Realtor

Kyle Lewis

Kyle has always been surrounded by construction, architecture, and design. His grandfather was in the public-works construction business while Kyle was growing up in Atlanta, and Kyle worked summer construction jobs to earn extra money in high school. He initially wanted to be an architect before the seduction of automobile racing took hold; Kyle found himself living in North Carolina where he pursued a career as one of the top tire-changers on a pit crew competing for championships at the top level of NASCAR. During his time in the industry he also worked on the aerodynamic design of race cars for various manufacturers. He was heavily involved in the development of the Dodge Ram that was used for competition and ultimately lead to a manufacture’s championship in 2005. A job that took him to racing venues all over the country and various parts of the world for more than a decade.

Kyle always knew he’d get back into the home business. Working in NASACR afforded him the ability to buy and sell homes for himself in North Carolina. He always kept tabs on the construction world and that is what eventually brought him out to Los Angeles in 2012, where he worked in product management for Victrocsa, a large custom architectural glass company.

“Working with custom homes really opened my eyes to the real estate market that Los Angeles has to offer,” he says. By engineering complicated installations at some of L.A.’s finest homes for five years, he developed an eye for custom details and quality construction.”

“I look at homes and see the product and its value as a whole, not just the pretty curb appeal,” he explains. “LA is home to some of the top architects in the world. Being able to be a part of functional art is very rewarding, but, you need someone with experience in that field to make sure your investment is protected.”

Kyle’s experience with the racing industry has come in handy since he was licensed as a realtor in 2017. “I’ve dealt with all types of personalities, while in LA and during my time spent in competitive sports.,” he says. “You have to know how to read people when negotiating with someone’s dreams.” “I’m not scared to go to bat for my clients. I want them to know I’m their voice and I’m not scared to play hardball when the time is right to get what they want.”

Even though he’s left the racing business, Kyle still has the needs for speed: He is a motorcycle enthusiast and avid rider. He races motorcycles at local club events at nearby tracks in Buttonwillow and Palm Springs. When not racing he can be found on group rides in the Malibu canyons most Sundays or spending weekends trail riding in the Sierra Mountains. When he’s not working or riding, Kyle lives in Marina del Rey with his wife Dana and their Samoyed, Thor.